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 Devan Brecken

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Devan Brecken

Aantal berichten : 10

Magiër profiel
Leeftijd: 19
Alias: Demon
Magie: Blue Hell fire

BerichtOnderwerp: Devan Brecken   wo 26 aug - 19:50

Name: Devan Brecken
Nickname: Demon
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Place of birth: USA

Devan is born as a baby demon, in human form. From a very young age, he was able to use blue fire.  Some people believed it was the fire from the devil itself, others believed a new kind of demons had been born. When Devan is turning into his “demon-self” his eyes turns completely black. But this power is so strong, that he’s not able to control where and when he becomes a demon. There are very little ways to calm him down. Giving him hypnotics would probably be the fastest way.

Devan is a very kind guy, who loves humor.  Being the clown of the class is making him feeling happy, even though he knows what kind of monster he can become.  He tries to stay positive in life, which not always succeeds. He smiles to people, but behind doors he can become pretty crazy of himself. Several times he thought of suicide, but never got the change to. Right at those moments, Devan loses his own mind and turns into a demon. When that happens, he is not himself at all.

As a kid, he grew up at a farm. Far away from the cities en small villages. At first he thought it was because his parents wanted that, for themselves, but soon enough he found out that  hé was the reason. Out of nowhere flames came up, setting trees and other stuff on fire. In his first years, the flames weren’t so big of a deal. They were easily  to be extinguished. But as soon Devan got older, his problems became bigger. More and more times he turned in his inner demon, destroying things and killing animals. His parents didn’t know how to handle him anymore, and bound him to his bed. A very short time it went alright, until his powers couldn’t be hold anymore. Before Devan even knew what was happening, his house stood on fire, and his parents were dead.

After that, the 13 year old, innocent boy ended up at the school. A place where he still lives.


'This is world war me,
I will never find peace,
I'm the only enemy'
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Erik Leifson

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Leeftijd: 32 jaar
Alias: Touch
Magie: Bovenmenselijke zintuigen

BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Devan Brecken   wo 16 sep - 15:53

Erik gaf de steen aan Devan. Zodra hij de steen vasthield kreeg deze een paarse kleur. 'Hierbij ben je niveau 4' maakte hij bekend.

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Devan Brecken
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